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Immunity-Building Liver Cleanse Immunity-Building Kvass Package Kraut'n'Kale
Immunity-Building Liver CleanseImmunity-Building Kvass PackageKraut'n'Kale
This easy 5-day detoxifying protocol will help you get stronger, lose weight and get on the path to achieving your optimal health. Helping the body to detoxify and cleanse can be key to developing and maintaining an optimal immune system . Lead,...

A month supply of our probiotic kvass at a reduced price of 20% off. Have two 1-ounce shots every day and skip the flu shot this winter. Enjoy the taste variety and the full range of health-building bacteria

Incredibly tangy and crispy! You will love the flavor and your body will love the nutritional benefits of fermented kale.

Ingredients: organic cabbage, organic kale, organic Bay leaves, sea salt, Himalayan salt, water 16 oz - organic sauerkraut




Raw Fermented Hot Sauce Kraut'n'Kale Kvass Sauerkraut "Chunky"
Raw Fermented Hot SauceKraut'n'Kale KvassSauerkraut "Chunky"

Delicious Hot Sauce! Hot and sweet peppers are slowly fermented with garlic and spices. After they are fully fermented, I reconstitute sundried tomatoes in the pepper brine and puree them together. So it has a lot of taste, not just the heat....

New exciting flavor! The addition of kale raises the nutritional value sky-high and the secret ingredient (bay leaf) gives it a great flavor. Small shot once a day is all you need to boost your immune system and help digestion Ingredients:...

This is the simplest kraut of the bunch: just cabbage, salt and water. The difference between this plain kraut and what everyone else makes is the CRUNCH!




Sauerkraut Classic Kvass Sauerkraut "Classic" Sauerkraut "Spicy"
Sauerkraut Classic KvassSauerkraut "Classic"Sauerkraut "Spicy"

Our newest addition - a bit of sweetness from fermented carrots makes it especially flavorful. The color is fantastic - apricot! - but don't forget to shake the bottle: the little bits of carrots color tend to settle at the bottom. Enjoy! Packed...

I call this kraut "Classic" because this is the way my grandmother used to make it. And she was a definite "classic" herself! But seriously: this is a classic Russian kraut, made with cabbage and shredded carrots 

The recipe for this hot number originates in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia - "Guriyskaya Kapusta". Made with beets and jalapeno peppers, it is as tasty as it is gorgeous!




Sauerkraut Kvass Sauerkraut Spicy Kvass The Miracle of Raw Sauerkraut E-Book
Sauerkraut KvassSauerkraut Spicy KvassThe Miracle of Raw Sauerkraut E-Book

Tangy, strong and delicious, this fermented tonic is teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria! 

Made with beets and jalapeno peppers, this fermented drink is as good for you as it is delicious. Makes the best salad dressing EVER when blended with an avocado. Or drink a small shot of it every day and watch yourself gettingn healthier!...

Learn about the history of fermneting cabbage through the ages, about the incredible benefits of eating foods rich in live probiotic bacteria and learn how to make your  own kraut - it is easier than you think!




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