Sauerkraut Spicy Kvass
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Sauerkraut Spicy Kvass

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Made with beets and jalapeno peppers, this fermented drink is as good for you as it is delicious. Makes the best salad dressing EVER when blended with an avocado. Or drink a small shot of it every day and watch yourself gettingn healthier!

Sauerkraut juice is just filled with probiotics, and thus the health benefits on the human organism is huge, especially on the digestive tract, keeping the right microbial balance, and lowering the risk of various diseases associated with microbial imbalance. Numerous studies have shown that probiotics can be effective at fighting diarrhea, antibiotic resistance, Clostridium difficile colitis, various infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, constipation and even cancer. Sauerkraut juice is a powerful immunomodulatory product.

Ingredients: organic green cabbage, organic beets, organic jalapeno peppers, sea salt, Himalayan salt, water

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