Sauerkraut Kvass
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Sauerkraut Kvass

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Tangy, strong and delicious, this fermented tonic is teeming with beneficial probiotic bacteria! Use it everywhere you'd use vinegar or lemon: in salad dressing, marinades, to offset the sweetness of your favorite vegetable soups. Or - add a splash of vodka for a crazy martini!

Packed with probiotics. sauerkraut juice, due to the fermentation process, is rich in natural lactic acid, which inhibits the growth of undesired intestinal bacteria and encourages the growth of good bacteria. This makes sauerkraut juice an excellent choice for treating sluggish bowels and poor digestion. It can be effective at fighting diarrhea, antibiotic resistance, Clostridium difficile colitis, various infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, constipation and even cancer.

Have a shot a day every day! 

Ingredients: organic cabbage, sea saltHimalayan salt, water

16 OZ

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