Sauerkraut "Classic"
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Sauerkraut "Classic"

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Classic Sauerkraut

I call this kraut "Classic" because this is the way my grandmother used to make it. And she was a definite "classic" herself! But seriously: this is a classic Russian kraut, made with cabbage and shredded carrots.

We already know that cabbage is a nutritional powerhouse - especially fermented cabbage: the bacteria pre-digest it for you, making all the nutrients much more bio-available.  Carrots add another level of nutrition. The health benefits of carrots include reduced cholesterol, lower risk of heart attacks, prevention of certain cancers, improved vision, and reduced signs of premature aging. Furthermore,carrots have the ability to improve your skin, boost the immune system, improve digestion, protect cardiovascular health,

A study showed 1/3 lower cancer risk by carrot-eating rats. The high level of beta-carotene in carrots acts as an antioxidant to cell damage done to the body through regular metabolism. It help slows down the aging of cells.

Ingredients: organic green cabbage, organic carrots,  sea saltHimalayan salt, water

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