Fermented Raw Honey - Nature's Perfect Medicine
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Fermented Raw Honey - Nature's Perfect Medicine

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In the current predicament we're are all in with this pandemic, having a strong immune system is becoming increasingly important. In this class you will learn about fantastic healing and immunity-building properties of raw honey. Those are magnified when the honey is fermented. Combined with the medicinal qualities of garlic, lemons, ginger etc the honey ferments become potent medicine that is great to have on hand at home. I am not even mentioning how delicious they are! I will be demonstrating how to nmake them and you are welcome to do it along with me. Or just watch, that works too!

This class will be on Sunday, November 1st, at 3 pm EST

You will get the link to the Zoom class and a list of items to have if you want to make the ferments during the class.


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